Fire trucks and specialist appliances in crisis

Fire trucks and specialist aerial appliances are failing putting the lives of firefighters and the community at unnecessary risk.

There are not enough fire trucks or specialist appliances to replace those being repaired or maintained.

In 2019 systemic cracks and defects were found on almost all of the newest fire trucks. Temporary repairs are ongoing and none have been permanently fixed.

In 1984 Auckland had a population of 800,000 and a fleet of 5 heavy aerial appliances… 40 years later Auckland metro only has two heavy aerial appliances servicing 1.65 million people, and often reduced to one. It is not unusual for Auckland firefighters to have simultaneous fires in different locations needing aerial appliances and having to cope without them.

FENZ needs to be held accountable through a transparent and robust maintenance and procurement plan.

@firecrisis NZ firefighters forced to extinguish own fire truck after it catches fire. Fleet in crisis, community failed again by FENZ #FireCrisis #fire #firefighter #fyp ♬ Funk Rave - Don´t Let Me Down 140 Bpm - kirtap
@firecrisis With just seconds to spare this modern fire truck was stopped from catching fire after smoke was seen coming from its battery box during a live fire operation today #FireCrisis #firefighter #fire #fyp ♬ Another One Bites The Dust - Remastered 2011 - Queen
@firecrisis Takapuna fire truck right now. First arriving crew at this morning's factory fire, and now broken. No available Rescue Tender on Auckland's North Shore. Closest jaws-of-life for North Shore residents would need to respond from Auckland City. Any delay can be deadly. #FireCrisis #fire #firefighter #fyp ♬ Broken - Noelle Johnson
@firecrisis The nationwide crisis affects both career and volunteer firefighters. Volunteers have been threatened with disciplinary action if they speak out - so they're coming to the NZPFU instead #FireCrisis #fire #firefighter #fyp ♬ Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival