Disrespect in different safety standards

FENZ has different standards for staff working in FENZ HQ compared to its standards for those working from fire stations.

Earthquake prone buildings

Napier Fire Station

  • Since at least 2019, FENZ has known that the Napier Fire Station had a dire seismic rating of 15%. The minimum standard is 67%.
  • Firefighters occupy and respond from the Napier station 24/7 and have to move fire trucks to higher ground after every earthquake due to liquification concerns.
  • FENZ opted to make repairs and the firefighters and all other staff operating from the station had to remain working from that station while waiting for the repairs and while the repairs were made.
  • FENZ has not restored the station to 100% NBS rating and the liquification concerns remain.

Tauranga Fire Station

  • In 2020, Tauranga Station was assessed with a 18% seismic rating. The minimum accepted standard is 67%.
  • Firefighters occupy and respond from the station 24/7.
  • Tauranga firefighters and other staff are still being required to work from the station while a rebuild is planned.
  • Firefighters have reported anxiety and concerns but FENZ insists firefighters continue to respond from the Station.

FENZ National Headquarters

  • In May 2022, FENZ revealed its HQ on The Terrace has a seismic rating below 34%. They have not released the actual rating.
  • FENZ had already planned to move to a new location.
  • HQ staff are offered the option of working from home until the move to the new HQ.
  • FENZ reports that the new HQ building has a “100% NBS rating”