FENZ insures admin staff but refuses to insure firefighters

FENZ management, HQ and administration staff are automatically covered by FENZ’s income protection scheme but FENZ refuses to provide an income protect insurance allowance to firefighters.

Yes! You read that correctly.

Those employed in non-operational roles (administration, HQ, advisory, media team, IT, etc) are automatically covered by FENZ’s income protection scheme but those that risk their health and lives protecting the community are not covered.

Firefighting is an inherently dangerous occupation. It is physically and mentally demanding. Firefighters are prone to injury and occupational cancer. They are repeatedly exposed to trauma. Medical response calls take a toll as they attempt to resuscitate a patient in the presence of acutely stressed and anxious loved ones.

Because of their occupation, firefighters struggle to obtain income and medical insurance. If they can get cover it is expensive and for some unachievable on their low wages. They need appropriate income protection insurance to ensure they can keep paying the bills when injured or battling serious illness.

The NZPFU has asked FENZ to reimburse firefighters and other members through a capped income protection/medical insurance allowance.

FENZ is refusing stating it was “not attracted” to providing income protection for NZPFU members.