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The NZPFU national committee determined today to cancel Monday’s strike while Government considers increasing the necessary funding to settle the collective agreement negotiations.  The parties are asking the Government to increase the proposal it made a couple of weeks ago.

The omnibus of bans continue without change.

The NZPFU has previously notified strikes in place which are still live including next Friday.  Yesterday the union issued four more notices (downloadable here) to ensure the union was able to act should the agreements reached on principle fall over due to lack of funding or due to any dispute on the final wording of the collective agreement. That is not an indication of the progress made, but is a safety net approach in case the agreement reached in principle fails prior to finalisation.

We understand that for members this is a frustrating situation where it may appear that sufficient progress is not being made quick enough.  We can assure our members that the right people are in the room having the necessary conversations to get resolution.  We are at the pointy end of the negotiations and settlement is within reach and we will not rest until it is guaranteed.  We have not taken the pressure off but are enabling the necessary discussions and processes to take place.  We have notified stoppages in place should they be needed.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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