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Minutes are the difference between life and death.

Last night Parnell career firefighters rescued a man in his 20s from a house fire in Orakei.

But today there are not enough career firefighters to staff Parnell Station.

Last night Parnell did have sufficient career crew and were able to rescue a man from his burning home.

The man was sleeping and woke to fire. He became disorientated in smoke and could not escape.

The first firefighters to arrive from Parnell station found the house well ablaze.

Firefighters smashed their way into the house, located the occupant and pulled the man to safety.

The man was transported to hospital by Ambulance.

If ever we need a reason why we don’t close fire stations this is it.

If last night’s house fire happened today a fire truck from another station would have to respond… minutes can cost lives.

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