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The type 3 acquisition project is entering stage 4 of the project which includes operational user evaluation of the appliances at selected fire stations. The trial will generate lots of interest. The suppliers are in competition and must have a level playing field. Any public comments could cause a supplier to take legal action resulting in considerable delay for the project.

All NZPFU members are strongly advised not to talk to suppliers or their agents or to comment publicly using any form of media about anything related to the trial appliances. However, there are no restrictions on talking amongst yourselves or with the NZPFU representatives on the project team.

The trials are scheduled to begin August/September 2023 at Auckland City, Hamilton, Napier and Christchurch and a survey is being developed for feedback.  The user evaluations for each trial rotation must be completed and submitted individually.   Each Local has been advised of the trials.

For more information on the trial contact NZPFU representative and Auckland Local President Terry Bird.

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